Bongo Technology Ltd.

The Story of Bongo Technology

Providing Means-Ends Business Solutions and Creating Opportunity With Our Winning Technology Platform.

Who We Are!

Bongo Technology was founded in 2021 with the aim of helping entrepreneurs and enterprises in providing flawless on-demand solutions to the clients. The team is best known for their efforts toward providing technological solutions to the traditional industries. We assist enterprises in automating the business operations through website and mobile application platforms. Using the ‘Solutions For Everything’ phenomenon, Bongo Technology has developed winning on-demand delivery solutions and platforms to equip the hyperlocal market and enterprises  with modern solutions. Till date, we have delivered successful platforms including smart delivery solutions (Bongo Xpress), on-demand marketplace apps (GooglyMart), on-demand tracking platform, online platform for movers and packers and many more.

Powerful And Complete On Demand Platform

Our Mission

Our mission is to give a new shape to the future for the hyper-local marketplace, logistics industry and enterprise operations by creating a digital ecosystem with all aspects of technology solutions.

Our Approach

We offer a complete technology stack with on-demand solutions for your business to help you have the vast array of opportunities available to Establish, Control, and Expand.

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We aim to deliver a cutting-edge solution enabling our clients to get ahead of the competition and earn more revenue.

Honoured To Be Recognized

We strive at nurturing a collaborative and people-focused digital ecosystem and helping people navigate the ever changing business landscape and align their organization around what truly matters to customers.