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Why should telematics software have a tire management feature?

In the dynamic realm of fleet management, achieving optimal efficiency and cost savings demands meticulous attention to every component. An often overlooked yet profoundly impactful facet influencing fleet performance is tire health. Integrating tire management features into fleet management telematics software becomes imperative. This encompasses comprehensive tire health monitoring, regular inspections, efficient tire inventory management, […]

Paving the Way for Safer Roads: The Need for a Central Vehicle Tracking System in Bangladesh

Across the globe, countries have increasingly recognized the importance of monitoring vehicular movements to ensure road safety, manage traffic efficiently, and enhance national security. Almost all the nations even India has already embraced central vehicle tracking systems, integrating GPS technology with governmental oversight to keep tabs on both private and public transport. This initiative, unfortunately, […]

Road Accidents in Bangladesh: A Grave Concern and Smart Solutions

ntroduction Bangladesh, a densely populated South Asian country, is grappling with a significant road safety crisis. The alarming frequency of road accidents has devastating consequences, resulting in loss of lives, injuries, and economic setbacks. This blog post aims to explore the key aspects of this pressing issue and propose smart solutions to mitigate it. Statistics […]