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Bongo Fleet

Fleet Tracking and Management Simplified! We’re making fleet maintenance less complicated.

What is Bongo Fleet?

Fleet management should live in your pocket. Bongo Fleet’s web and mobile-based software allows you to automate fleet maintenance tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly from anywhere. It simplifies real-time fleet tracking and monitoring while promoting fleet operations at efficient capacities. Bongo Fleet’s data-analytic tools and reports help you cut expenses. Regardless of your business needs, Bongo Fleet is your quick fix!

Fleet Manager Dashboard

An extremely user-friendly interface equipped with powerful tools. It is designed to give you easy access to all necessary information and updates. It displays :

  • Monitor Delivery Requests
  • Real-time Status, 
  • Fleet Location & Routes
  • Driver’s activities 
  • Client’s reviews
  • Notifications and more

So, you don’t waste a second looking for details or browsing multiple screens. Live updates, graphs, and customized widgets make Bongo Fleet’s dashboard unique and resourceful.

Smart Task Management

Don’t waste valuable work hours planning delivery routes and assigning everyday tasks. Use our job module instead! Create tasks, assign drivers and track them live! Maximum productivity is just a few clicks away!

  • Optimum Utilization of resources
  • Eliminate unnecessary Costs through proper scheduling
  • Hassle-free Task allocation

Organize your clients and streamline fleet operations with us!

Auto Route Optimization

Get most out of your resources with an auto-route optimization system. It generates the fastest and the most cost-efficient route for your vehicles. The system considers an exhaustive list of factors that could affect your trip, including fleet availability, number of stops along the route, vehicle capacity, driver availability, type of delivery, and more.

  • Automatically Reduce Estimated Arrival Time (ETA)
  • Create Fastest & Shortest Possible Routes
  • Help in planning task in given time
  • A dramatic reduction in fuel expenses

Real-time Tracking & Smart Alerts

Experience live tracking like never before! You and your customer can monitor fleet status real-time on google maps and also you can track multiple vehicles simultaneously. 

  • Get glitch-free and precise Vehicle location every time
  • Take timely actions against thefts or violations

Turn data into decisions and move your business forward!

Receive timely alerts or updates and stay ahead of the curve by taking pertinent actions. And also send alerts to your customers. Additionally, you can:

  • Customize Alerts
  • Receive email or SMS alerts on any device you like
  • Send alerts to multiple people

Review & Rating

Allow your clients to share reviews in an easy, quick & non-intrusive way. Manage ratings for various fleet orders and fleet drivers to make a brand out of your business. Enable customers to share the good word about you on social media & other relevant portals and create some buzz.

Smart Analytic Tools

Analyze data with our easy-to-read graphs and charts. Monitor fleet running time, fleet frequencies or number of monthly runs, ratings & reviews, fleet downtime, cases of delays and non fulfilment, and much more to help you take complete control of your business. With its help, you can:

  • Access Analytical Reports
  • Perform Visualized Data Analysis
  • Export Excel sheets and PDF’s
  • Create Scheduled Reports
  • Reports emailed to your inbox for future reference

What You Get

Fleet Driver App

• Task assignments & Auto fleet dispatch
• Route optimization & Navigation
• Task alerts & reminders throughout the fleet run
• Update fleet availability

Fleet Manager Dashboard

• Web and Mobile apps
• Bird Eye business view & Fleet status monitoring
• Fleet management & GPS tracking systems
• Fleet / Driver performance management
• Manage ratings & reviews, resolve client complaints

Customer App

• Fleet orders scheduling
• Fleet tracking & status updates
• Customer chat with assigned drivers
• Report, ratings and grievances