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Courier Management Solutions

Offer authentic deliveries and enable complete business control with a dedicated courier management software helping you serve users across the world.

Why Courier Management Software?

We are living in an age where people want and expect instant gratification in everything. Therefore, people have a low level of patience in everything. This is a major reason as to why people demand a quick delivery of their courier and parcel. This incessant demand of quick deliveries from the customers has made life difficult for the courier companies. Nowadays, courier companies face a plethora of problems such as missed deliveries, right resource allocation, lost packages, etc. However, all this can be solved in a jiffy with Bongo Technology’s logistics solutions that will make your last mile delivery lightning fast.

Why Courier Management Software?

Manage all your last-mile delivery operations smoothly with our solutions. Make accurate and quick dispatch with software optimization and route planning.

Optimising Operations

Our Courier Management System optimizes business operation and task result which improves your overall business performance.

Scheduled Dispatching

Schedule and auto dispatch orders straight to your drivers with us next-gen and automated Courier Management Software.

Track Performance

Track your driver’s performance monitoring key performance metrics via analytics provided by our Courier Management System.

Real-time Feedback

Receive crucial customer feedback in real-time. This feedback helps you to identify your strong and weak areas.

Out Of The Box - Features

Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of courier delivery companies.

ETA Details

Based on the location of the delivery provider from the pickup and the delivery location, the estimated time of arrival gets calculated in courier management system

  • The ETA details get shown to the user who has requested the pickup and delivery from their dedicated courier dispatch software solution.
  • The system admin can also view the entire delivery details including the ETA from their admin dashboard.

Earning Analytics

The courier dispatch system solution caters to earning analytics and report generation requirements of the admin and delivery providers.

  • It provides real-time data on the collected and received amounts and helps download it in the form of reports.
  • The admin can view earning details of the delivery providers as well from the admin panel.

Delivery Service Rates

Admin decides the delivery service rates applicable for the courier deliveries requested through the app.

  • Manage the service rates based on the changing user demands and package needs
  • System helps to set prices according to distance, time and more parameters

Courier Pickup Confirmation

  • The pickup confirmation gets sent to the user who has requested the pickup from the app solution. 
  • They can specify any special needs and the delivery provider keeps the same in mind when receiving the parcel.
  • The provider clicks a picture and uploads it to send to the user as the pickup confirmation after the code verification process.

Promo Codes & Discounts

  • This courier management system allows to set promo codes and offer discounts to promote the app use.
  • Admin can set the promo codes and avail them to users for earning discounts on the total amount charges.
  • They can even provide referral codes to help users earn discounts when they promote the app among their contacts.

Delivery Zones

  • Define delivery zones and set their pricing for each city to provide courier services as per your business requirements.
  • Admin can mark specific areas in a red zone where they do not intend to give the courier delivery or pickup services.
  • To define delivery zones, the admin can mark the radius and the area on the map and categorize these zones.

What Make Our Solutions Different

  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Digital Proof of Delivery
  • Admin Dashboard
  • App for Manager, Driver and Customer