Bongo Technology Ltd.

Let’s fight COVID-19 together

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world faced an onslaught of challenges. Contactless operations and delivery management has become priority for hyperlocal markets. Understanding the challenges, we come up with the solutions for the community as lifesavers.

On-demand Delivery App is the New Normal

Contactless Delivery Solutions

Get your supplies straight to the customer's doorsteps. Offer a contactless delivery using Bongo Xpress. Provide your customers with the option to track their orders in real-time and pay online with instant proof of delivery.

Launch Your Online Business

With critical lockdown, there will be zero footfalls in your store. Businesses face an alarming need to go online immediately. We urge and promise to set up your ordering website + app and integrated delivery solutions.

Entrepreneurs for Delivery Business

The pandemic has seen many people lose their jobs! We take pride in creating delivery business opportunities for millions across the country with the Bongo Bonik franchise model under Bongo Xpress brand.

Medical Services At Your Fingertips

Medical services are at a pause because of COVID-19 outrage. COVID19 treatments from home should be available 24/7. We help pharmacies and doctors to create their online consultancy marketplace.

Best Practices for Truckers

Trucking rises to meet unprecedented challenges in this pandemic. We are working to help the “heroes” of the road: creating a “no-bidding” trucking marketplace, supplying medical help, ensuring trips and extra income.

Multichannel Communications

As companies face a lock-down and restrictions for physical contact, we are offering multichannel (Live chat, Audio and Video call) communication tools to help remote work and make monitoring easier than ever.

Steps We Are Taking


  • Ensuring Masks

  • Sanitising Hands & Vehicles

  • Ensuring Gloves

  • Contactless Delivery

  • Daily Temperature Monitoring

  • Daily Hub Sanitisation

  • Fortnightly RT-PCR Test

  • Personal Protective Equipment


Get the latest resources on how on-demand businesses can strive during this COVID-19.

We understand that on-demand businesses are going through tough times during this pandemic, and we are doing everything we can to support you. Delivery businesses are a lifesaver for the community, and we’re here to support you with discounts, resources, providing contactless delivery options through drones and necessary integrations to overcome these challenges.