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Employee Transformation Management Solutions

Choose an all-inclusive software for automated, efficient and secured corporate transportation management.

Why You Need Smart Solutions

Employee Transportation is a very complex process that requires dynamic planning to meet ad-hoc and on-time pick/drop requests to minimize employee travel time. Involvement of multiple stakeholders (employee, driver, and supervisor), facilities, routes, transport vendors and statutory requirements makes it very cumbersome and requires a large transport desk.

Current industry solution providers are trying to automate some parts of the employee transport process by Routing & Scheduling for optimizing routes, GPS tracking to get real time visibility, and Billing software to generate invoices and reduce the billing cycle. But none of the solutions completely automates the entire process, and provides a single integrated solution platform to connect all stakeholders. Key challenges faced by industry are:

  • Paper trip sheet leading to manual errors
  • Long billing cycle of 2 to 3 months
  • Manual rostering and routing
  • Employee safety and comfort
  • Longer duration of employee travel time
  • High call volume for managing operation

Enabling Smarter Employee Commute Experiences

End to End employee transport management solution that gives you an efficient routing and roster management, significant reduction in transport operation cost and provide a safe and secure commute for your employees.

Build an Office Commute Platform

Improve employee safety, reduce transportation costs and enhance employee satisfaction by deploying our customizable solution.

Digitize Your Corporate Commute Fleet

Digitize your corporate transportation business activities like driver dispatch, routing, billing more efficiently.

Launch Your Own Employee Transportation App

Help reduce travelling costs, boost safety and enhance transportation experience with your customized employee transit App.

How It Works

Ride Request

Employees book a ride via their company account details and cancel the ride if necessary.

Auto Dispatch

The ride request is fulfilled via auto dispatch mode. The concerned driver will be assigned for the trip.

Monitor & Track

The dispatch manager can monitor and track all the corporate trips through the central dashboard.

A Comprehensive Employee Transport Management System

A complete solution to automate employee transportation operations by connecting all the stakeholders involved digitally.

Transportation Manager/Admin Dashboard & App

Transportation admins get a powerful web panel to manage all employee transportation activities centrally and monitor everything with a smart mobile application.

Trip Tracking

Manage Roasters

Manage Request

Manage Fleet & Driver

Digital Billing

Reporting & Analytics

Ride Check-In & Trip Details

Smart Notifications & Alerts

Ratings & Review

Help & Support

Employee App

Mobile Applications for the Employee with the best user friendly interface.The application comes with inbuilt features that enables your employees for a safe and easy commute.

Real-Time Tracking with ETA

Routes & Timing

Driver App

The best application for the drivers to ensure seamless pickup and drop for the employees with easy navigation. Features to empower your drivers to the fullest.

Pickup & Drop Details

Tracking Earnings & Performance

Managed Availability

Real-time Notifications

Live Chat & Support

Features To Help Improve Your Business

Real-Time Visibility


Route Optimization

Web & Mobile Platform

Notifications & Alerts

Driver & Fleet Safety

Analytics Reports

Digital Billing Record

On-Demand Commute

E-Trip Sheet