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Automate Your Fleet Operations

Real time visibility into operations, easy management and best utilization with efficiency in  performance.

Challenges You Face in Fleet Management

Only GPS tracking is not everything! Even in 2021, fleet managers are facing challenges to juggle with priorities and find problem solving methods to keep critical assets running with minimal downtime. With a manual operating system, most of them find themselves immersed in tasks that are both time-consuming and add little to the bottom line of the company – if anything.

Managing Driver Behaviour

It’s difficult to understand your driver! Whereas, driver behaviour is correlated to maintenance requirements. You require solutions which provide complete reporting on drivers' movements and control is at your hand.

Digitalization of Vehicles

The existing GPS tracking solutions can’t empower fleet managers with real time route planning, service history data of a vehicle, or send notifications to their customers. You need a complete solution to adopt these all.

Time Consuming Task Allocation

You're spending the whole day allocating the right vehicle for the specific assignment! You need a software solution which can identify the right vehicle to dispatch for an assignment & optimize the routing too.

Communication Barriers

Your driver might switch off his mobile phone or not be in reach of your or your customers’ calls! A solution with a real time communication system with multiple channels is really something you need to connect all the stakeholders of yours.

Fleet Idle Time

The average fleet vehicle burns around 19 litres of fuel every hour by idling between three to four hours a day. You should utilize your fleet at its best even when you do not have any assignment for them.

Remote Management

Fleet managers might feel like handling any fleet-related task or surface critical data anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy, distributed fleets.

What is Fleet Management Solutions

Modern fleet management systems have evolved digitally and the software application has greatly empowered fleet managers and maintenance teams to keep fleets on the road running healthy, efficiently and profitably. Fleet management should live in your pocket.

Fleet management software gives mobility providers the ability to connect, configure, control, and optimize their fleet quickly and easily all from one interface – regardless of the fleet telematics solution or vehicle type. Additionally, it allows for remote updates, over-the-air vehicle troubleshooting, analyzing fleet status, and managing vehicle maintenance across cities.

Comprehensive, All-in-one Fleet Management Solutions

Eliminate the disconnect between fleet managers, owners, vendors, drivers, technicians, admins and other operations personnel.

Fleet Operations At Your Fingertips!

Smart dashboard to receive & manage fleet delivery orders from all sources at a single place. Manage tasks with smart manager app.Track complete fleet order fulfillment cycle from order received to fleet dispatch to fleet delivery. Take in time actions like sending alerts & reminders as per use cases. Complete fleet management tracking solutions.

What You Get!

Fleet Driver App

Fleet Manager Dashboard

Client's App

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