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Build Your Own Pharmacy Delivery Business

Launch your online medicine delivery app and website with our ready to go solution and deliver live-saving and general medicines to your customers everyday.

Take Your Pharmacy Online

The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have made on-demand medicine delivery solutions more important than ever before. They have emerged as the biggest support systems to the online medicine delivery systems. It’s because the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in lockdown in several countries where people were unable to go out of their house to buy medicine for themselves or their loved ones. On-demand medicine delivery applications empowered pandemic struck customers to order medicines at their homes with the safety of contactless delivery.

How It Works

Customers can search and compare medicines through advanced search features and add medicine to cart by uploading the prescription. Schedule the delivery as per the convenience of the customer. Let customers pay online or cash at time of delivery.

Online Ordering Management System

Standalone Pharmacy

Allow your store customers to order directly from your online ordering app & website with multiple integrated payment portals

Pharmacy Marketplace

Create a seamless online pharmacy ordering and delivery experience for your customers & get ROI from your pharmacy marketplace business.

Pharmacy Chains

Offer seamless online pharmacy ordering experience to your customers. Get Ordering app & website with multiple integrated payment portals.

Customer App

Prescription Upload

Allow customers to upload prescriptions to confirm the medicine order from online medical stores. Let customers search and compare medicines offered by different online medicine suppliers.

Real-time Order Tracking

Order medicine online and permit customers to track the status of medicine order on map interface with real-time location of medicine delivery agent.


Integrate payment gateways and various online wallets to allow secure payment to buy online medicines. Let customers pay for the ordered medicine at the time of delivery or through any online payment gateway.

Manager Dashboard

Manage at one place

Manage details of orders placed at online medical stores and generate advanced analytic reports of orders placed by customers segmented by medicine supplier and medical stores.

Catalogue Management

Allow online medical stores and admin to add, edit or delete the quantity of available medicine and change the expiry date of medicine as per the stock received by medicine supplier.

Real-time tracking

Keep track of each and every medicine ordered by customers from online medical stores in real-time from order status to prescription verification.

Driver App

Route optimization

Navigate the medicine delivery agent through the most optimized route to deliver medicine from online medical stores to customer doorstep in the least possible time.

Daily Earning Report

Allow medicine delivery drivers to check and generate earning reports of particular time frames by adding driver earning applications into your online pharmacy delivery app.

Instant Notification

Instant alert and notification to medicine delivery drivers to deliver medicine from online medical stores to customers. Reduce time and save cost by auto-assigning the medicine delivery task to a free driver.