Bongo Technology Ltd.

Earn Endlessly Partnership Program

Get empowered to expand your business with us. Our partner program enables you to earn a share of revenue by reselling our solutions.

Find The One That Fits Your Needs

Your partnership with Bongo Technology serves you before us. The revenue calculation method ensures transparency and the amount of revenue out of each sale is significant. We strive to build healthy and long-term partnerships. The possibility of loss is negligible as the registration fee is incredibly low, allowing you to compensate for it within a month.

Run your Business & Scale-Up Exponentially

Set up your own on-demand marketplace. A complete SaaS Platform built for our partners in mind to offer world-class expertise for high-growth businesses to reach their customers.

Strategic Partnership for Selling Solutions

Set up your client with a trusted and intuitive solution. Own your business completely, sell powerful solutions which come with a combination of SaaS, Whitelabel, & enterprise solutions.

Collaboration for Logistics Services

Automate your logistics operation with our solutions, get transportation support from Bongo Xpress and earn endlessly by collaborating your logistics team with us on Bongo Xpress Platform.

IT Solutions and API Integrations

Take our consultation about the latest features of on demand solutions and empower your system with them. Get our powerful integrations and upgrade your customer experience.

What Do You Get?

Comprehensive Training

Learn about Bongo Technology and gain knowledge on its functioning in our extensive partner training.

Boundless Earning

Earn as much as you want through commission on each sale you make in your client base.

Sustainable Profits

The rapidly flourishing Bongo Technology business allows our partners to focus on expanding their profits.

Market Exposure

Gain priceless exposure to on-demand Industry and advance your career in the process.

Instant Support

Our Support team stays online all the time to assist you every time you need so.

Reliable Partner

Work with a reliable partner whose network is spread in multiple countries throughout the world.

Our Partnership Process

Partnership Program FAQs

How much do you take as a partnership fee?

We do not take any fee for the partnership program, we will be charging for the solutions you take from us.

What is the technology stack you use for the development of mobile applications?

We use mean stack for developing mobile applications. To know more please visit Technology

I want an appointment, can I talk to you directly?

You can call us at +880 1322 810673-79 or send email at

Let’s Accelerate Together! Become Partner