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What Is Telemedicine Solution?

COVID19 has signified the role of technology in healthcare by positioning virtual care as a mandatory part of future-readiness. Our online consultation for telemedicine solutions helps healthcare providers deliver reliable and secure healthcare telemedicine solutions that provide better alternatives to traditional healthcare models. Our telemedicine app for doctors/ telemedicine platform for doctors involves making medical services accessible remotely to patients by using the web and mobile devices to connect—leveraging video conferencing, audio/voice call communication, booking online appointments, getting real-time consultation, payment gateway integration, and more.

By leveraging emerging technologies, we develop robust healthcare telemedicine solutions to assist healthcare providers serve patients while improving the patient experience and generating new revenue streams. Our telemedicine app development solution is enabling healthcare systems, practitioners, and providers to boost practice efficiency and enable virtual patient care from anywhere, anytime.

How Telemedicine App Works

Patients registered themselves on your app

They list their illnesses and reach out to doctors

Doctors consult them through live chat, audio or video call and accept payment right away

Everything You Need From Booking to Billing!


Get various consultation modes on your telemedicine consultation app. Connect with your patients with the built-in call features (audio and video calls) & provide expert consultation.

Listing & Profiling

Help your patients make informed choices. List different doctors on your application for patients to connect with. Update any information at any time through the web back-end.

Client App

Centralize your client communication with a secure online portal-mobile application built with all the futuristic features and the best user-experience.

Appointment Booking

An appointment booking feature for patients & doctors. Your patients get automated reminders, which saves time & reduces no-shows and manage the appointments through the web scheduler or mobile application.

Analytics & Reports

With our solution, track your daily transactions & revenues collected over a period of time. Grow your revenues by consulting online.

Chat Bots

Provide the patient's medical history via patient history bot and add private notes to team members for quick solutions. Collect feedback from customers via the rating & review form.


Telemedicine app is built with all the available national and international payment gateway. Simplify client payments with mobile banking and/or online credit card processing.

Smart Alerts

Send appointment reminders, care plan reviews updates & more directly to your patients via push notifications, email and SMS with customized messages.

For All Kinds of Healthcare Practices

Being one of the leading online consultation software companies, we empower hospitals, clinics, healthcare practitioners to develop telemedicine software development customized to deliver care from virtually anywhere, anytime!

  • Hospitals + Health Systems
  • Mental Healthcare Providers
  • Hospice + Palliative Care
  • Physician + Group Practices
  • Nutritionist/Health Coaching Service Providers

All-In-One Telemedicine Solution

Doctor Application

Patient Mobile Application

Admin Dashboard