Bongo Technology Ltd.

Online Trucking Solutions

Everything you need to manage dispatches, vehicles, drivers, expenses, and more.

All-In-One Software for Trucking Companies

Our solutions combine your fleet’s operations into one easy-to-use system, helping you save time, measure performance and make strategic decisions.

Customer App

With the user-friendly interface of Customer App, customers can easily book trucks online for delivery needs, track the status of their order and truck on map interface with real-time location of driver, view the on-going discounts and special offers, can pay you and many more.

Driver App

Reduce time and save cost by auto-assigning the delivery task to free and closest agents. Navigate the driver through the most optimized route to make a doorstep delivery for every customer in the least possible time, and track updates with instants alerts and task reminders.

Order Management & Manager App

Consolidate trucking aggregators according to location/region, easily manage your trips from one screen and monitor number of trips from dashboard. Monitor driver performance, get advanced analytic reports and everything you want to do with a manager app.

Booking Form

Our solution has a booking form feature that allows you to directly create trips in the dashboard by accepting orders from your customers using a web form from your desired URL name. Customizable booking form is an easy-to-use and hassle-free solution for your customer.

Auto Route Planner and Optimization Software

Delight your customers with fast deliveries & accurate ETAs. Powerful auto-route optimization with speedy multiple pickups and drop-offs to make your customers’ business effortless and profitable.

Build Uber-Like Trucking App

Now you can offer an app experience for the On-demand Trucking industry like never before.

Flexible and robust

Handles any number of concurrent usage from customers and truck drivers based on server capabilities.

Branded & Customizable

Our branded Uber like trucking app is open for new enhancements, features, and integrations as per your business requirements.


Advanced analytical tools for you to scale your business growth and user experience with Uber-like trucking apps.

User Centered

Smart communication is featured with ‘proactive delivery updates’ for the users that naturally make them visit your app again and again.

Ease of Tracking

Advanced tracking & monitoring of what’s happening in the route operation through in-built live GPS tracking.

Trouble-free Payments

Easy and user-friendly payment system with your preferred payment gateways integrated on the app.

Low cost to High Conversion

Avoiding the commission charged by the middleman and providing instant-reasonable quotes to your customers is the best pricing strategy applicable on this app.

Full Data Ownership

Our full-stack developers will host this Uber-like trucking app on your server which will give you full ownership of data and codes.

Auto Trip Allocation

Auto trip allocation feature brings hyper-connectedness in your fleet and their drivers. 

Forget about managing your driver manually and assigning them trips individually, because trips will be allocated to the nearest and available drive automatically. Create geo-fence and monitor them from anywhere.

Review & Rating

Allow your clients to share reviews in an easy, quick & non-intrusive way. Manage ratings for various fleet orders and fleet drivers to make a brand out of your business. Enable customers to share the good words about you on social media & other relevant portals and create some buzz.

Manage Your Driver Force Easily Than Ever

Digital Wallet for Drivers

Our solutions integrated with Digital Wallet bring you the flexibility to keep a record of all the transactions done by your Driver. It’s a seamless way to integrate the task pricing and earnings with the Driver wallet. And also you can create daily/weekly/monthly target for them and  incentives for them.