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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Streamline and scaleup Warehouse Efficiency and Accuracy with Bongo WMS

What Is Bongo WMS?

Streamline your delivery operations, reduce dependencies and increase your operational efficiency.

The simplest and most efficient web-based multi-channel order fulfillment and warehouse management platform, designed specifically for logistics service providers. Bongo WMS provides a single view of delivery tasks and parcel orders across all marketplaces and a seamless task management sync in less than 30 sec.

Bongo WMS streamlines and controls all warehousing processes to create an efficient operation. It allows users to manage all structures present in a warehousing operation, regardless of their complexity, while monitoring inbound and outbound goods throughout the day. It also makes use of barcode scanners to speed up  last-mile delivery.

  • Easy warehouse management with simple user interface
  • BarCode Generating and Printing Facility
  • Real-time Stock Status visualization
  • Automatic parcel entry facility using BarCode Reader
  • Manual parcel entry facility using keyboard at emergency moments
  • Ensure parcel’s liabilities by the delivery and dispatch log
  • Sync parcel data automatically from the delivery management dashboard
  • Employ User ID creation, Access control and activity footprint facilities
  • Track delivery and dispatch pilot’s activities independently
  • Friendly User interface for Desktops, tablets and Mobile users

Integrated WMS for Logistics Service Providers

All-in-one WMS Solutions! Manage parcels and customers across multiple warehouses and across an unlimited fleet size.

Enhance Operational Efficiency With Us

Bongo WMS can help streamline “Reverse” delivery for return packages and make this unpleasant process by automating every step: creating the return, recording the reason, updating bins, issuing full or partial refunds, and generating reports on this. 

  • Back and forth update to delivery management dashboard
  • Dispatch recorder on delivery pilots’ activities
  • Customizable metrics let you assess all the data
  • Integrated accounts sheet for daily financial reportings

Full Bongo Solutions Integration

Bongo WMS will be integrated by default with our Delivery Management Solution- Bongo Xpress. You can adopt the complete solutions with your order management system and get in-built 100+ powerful integration with Bongo solutions. 

Automate your warehouse management with Bongo WMS or start your own delivery business with our delivery management solutions.